Jyotish Consultation

Jyotish Consultation

Our Vedic Astrology reports cover wide range of human life giving accurate insight, amazing predictions, these include the test time for Conceiving, Health, Career, Business, Wealth, Love, Relationships, Marriage, Child birth, Spirituality, Past Life and Change of Name suggestion and much more.

We DO NOT provide instant downloadable horoscopes and reports. Most of our horoscopes are audio files in MP3 format recorded by our veteran astrologers.

Our trained and experienced Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire prepare each report manually, most of them are in “live recording” audio files (90% audio and 10% PDF format file / book) otherwise mentioned, the team Astrologer spends hours on individual horoscope analysis, thus always generating a personalized reading for every individual.

Take a guided tour of your life, today, with Jyotish – Vedic Astrology.

We have Twenty Seven unique Jyotish – Vedic Astrology reports for you, view our Jyotish catalog click the link below:

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