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Terms & Conditions on Ask a Question – Free!

Terms & Conditions on “Ask A Question – Free!”

Please note: Your submission will be deleted in the following scenarios:

  1. You must be 21 years of age or older to take advantage of this offer. 
  2. Asking for gender of an unborn child or pregnancy, or muhurta (election astrology) on when and how to conceive a male child;
  3. Asking about the “Virginity” of any person (female, male, third gender or any other).
  4. Hypothetical and vague questions/statements will be rejected. The usage of foreign language words with no explanation in English will also be deleted.
  5. Rectification of Time of Birth, this is available in our priced package, Birth Time Rectification.
  6. Asking for Rectification of Time of Birth, this is available in our priced package, Birth Time Rectification.
  7. Asking question pertaining to Longevity or Spirituality / Moksha (final emancipation). Please buy our detailed priced reports: Longevity Vedic Astrology Report and Spirituality Vedic Astrology Report
  8. Asking about a Business entity (eg DBA, Carrying On Business As, Trading Names, Inc., Private Ltd  or Public Ltd companies etc. ), you need to submit the business name, date of incorporation and the city it was incorporated in; your personal data cannot used to analyze a business entity. 
  9. Truth seekers who received FREE answer to their question(s) on Quora from our Jyotish Acharya Mr. Vivek E. Paras, between the years 2016-2018. Mr. Paras answered 3,409 questions!
  10. The When question. The “When” is a never ending story. The “When” question cannot be analyzed / answered in this FREE offer, consider buying our Personal Vedic Astrological Profile life reading Jyotish package.
  11. The “Either” and “Or” question. The analysis and interpretation in this package is very limited. If you want answer to your either / or question, consider buying a relevant Jyotish package. 
  12. Asking multiple questions (for example: the usage of “and, or, if, but” etc.) or making statements in one submission. Consider buying a paid Jyotish package.
  13. On Politic, Politicians or any Public Figure.
  14. Questions pertaining to career or similar issues. Consider buying our Career and Wealth Report.
  15. Remedies to improve one’s lot in life eg. japa, tapa, tarpan, marjam, tantra, mantra, yantra, yagna, totkas, wearing of gems / colorful threads / metals etc. Such remedies are not mentioned in ANY ancient Jyotish scriptures, hence, we do not recommend any. Please read research work of Mr Vivek E Paras on the topic and much more.
  16. Exams of any kind be it educational or professional entrance exams (our response may affect your focus / morale); or if you can crack any entrance exam to get a government employment / job.
  17. Asking if you will get a Government employment / job (local, regional, national or international position). Get answer to your question in a paid Prasna package.
  18. Questions pertaining to: marriage or married life, be it arrange marriage, love marriage / affairs, lost love, return of lover, make back or up with lover; marriage compatibility; marital or love life issues in general. Consider buying one of the three Jyotish packages: 1. Marriage and Married Life; 2. the 7th House Analyzed and 3. Marriage Compatibility Report
  19. Social norms, eg. asking our opinion on some other astrologer’s analysis / work. 
  20. Yoga’s (Planetary Combinations) in your birth chart; this is available in paid Jyotish package.
  21. Enquiry on a particular issue or principle of Jyotish you think you may or may not have (due to conflicting statements you may have received) in your birth chart. Please note: this FREE offer has limitation on research / investigating your birth chart to one year, if you want more detailed answer, please consider to buy one of our +53 priced Jyotish report.
  22. Any other topic which is in conflict with our professional ethics or we think it to be inappropriate.
  23. “Ask a Question From The Experts – FREE!” is for new “seekers” only.
  24. This offer is NOT available for our already established customers. Prior customers whose “Six months Free Customer Support” has expired or you previously availed a similar free offer.
  25. Multiple submissions with the same name, personal data, email will be deleted.
  26. The “Shall” question submission will be deleted.
  27. We reserve the right to EDIT your question.
  28. We reserve the right NOT to respond to any question. 
  29. This offer; the terms and conditions set herein are subject to be withdrawn or change without prior notice. 

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