Yoga (Planetary Combinations) & Their Effects

Yoga (Planetary Combinations) & Their Effects

Yoga (Planetary Combination)
Yoga (Planetary Combination)

Yoga literally translated means addition, and in Astrological context Yoga means a combination of planets and houses that leads to predefined rule already existing as per Vedic Astrological texts.

For example, Adhi Yoga will be formed when there will be at least one planet placed in 6th, 7th and 8th houses from Ascendant or the first house or the Moon. Now if any horoscope satisfies this predefined rule of Vedic Astrological texts then that will lead to presence of Adhi Yoga in the said horoscope. 

Thus Yoga is one of the unique predictive tools of Vedic Astrology. Yoga is a predefined rule taking Planets, Signs and/or Vedic Astrological aspects into account. The effect of a Yoga, good or bad will manifest in one’s life the timing of which is determined by transits and, or planetary periods or Dasha.

One may have great Raja Yoga’s in his or her horoscope but still they live an ordinary life. This is because the planet/s causing that Raja Yoga will never manifest in his or her lifetime, this is because as per Vimshottari Dasha system, a calculation that indicates a life span / longevity of 120 years.If the planet’s period causing particular yoga may not happen at all in their life time. The effect of yoga depends on several combined and interrelated factors.

Many astrologers or astrology software will predict that one has great Yogas in their horoscope but even after years those people continue to live ordinary lifestyle. Why some people are born in very ordinary or poor circumstances but become rich and famous at some particular period in his or her life? This is because the favorable or Raja yoga in their horoscope gets activated at particular time. This Yoga (Planetary Combinations) & Their Effects Report will let you know which major yoga are there in your horoscope and will they be activated? And if yes, when?

Contents of this Report

  • Your Horoscope and Planetary Positions. 
  • Effects of ‘Houses’ & ‘Signs’ of your Horoscope and the planets placed in them
  • Strength of Houses and Planets to determine strength of Yogas present
  • Yogas in your chart and their activation period. 

Please note: This is not a computer generated report, our experienced Vedic Astrologers prepares it manually in MP3 audio and PDF format for easy download. Please allow us 5 to 7 working days to complete your order. 

Approx. 25 to 75 plus pages, variable per person.

See Samples below:

Here you can view the full sample of the Birth Chart / Janam Patri book  – this file is 2 MB in size in PDF format, please have patience when downloading. This “report” is subject to change.

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