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F. A. Q.’s

F. A. Q.’s

Q. What is Jyotish – Vedic Astrology?

Jyotish is a Sanskrit word and is made of two syllables: ‘Jyoti’ means light and ‘ish’ the prefix of the word ‘Ishvar” means Creator, Truth and many synonyms can be added here. I choose the word “TRUTH” or the Great Existence. My Personal definition is that Jyotish is the study of the relationship of the Macrocosm (Universe, Truth) and Microcosm (Mundane, Humans) in this plane of existence. From Egypt and Babylonia through Ancient Greece, to modern day, Astrology has been used to gain a better understanding of how mankind in general, and people as individuals fit into the Universal Cosmos.

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Q. What is the difference between an Astrological Sign and a Horoscope?

In Jyotish – Vedic Astrology, one’ Astrological sign is determined by the position the Moon (Chandra) at the time of birth.

A Horoscope is a picture of the sky, showing the exact position of the Sun, Moon, and Planets, calculated using the exact date, hour and location of birth.

Q. How do the Horoscopes that I read in the Newspaper or Magazines fit into this all?

Strictly speaking, newspaper and magazine Astrology columns practice “Sun Sign Astrology.” Each individual has a completely unique birth chart, and each individual will respond to that chart, in his or her own way. No two persons have identical ‘Karma” or events of life. Each and everyone here is so unique and incomparable.

Q. What is an Astrological Forecast?

An Astrologer/Jyotishi studies the Birth/Natal Chart of an individual with his intelligence, intuition and instincts and thus interprets the same. This interpretation is called Astrological Forecast. The relationships or aspects between the planets is analyzed and the influences of these on an individual’s nature and temperament over a lifetime can be determined and foretold. One’s fate for a life-time, year, month, day or a given time can be analyzed. No Astrologers agree on the same conclusions. Even instincts, intelligence and intuition varies from person to person.

Q. What is a Rising Sign and why is it important?

The Rising Sign or Ascendant (the beginning) is the sign that is on the eastern horizon at the exact time of birth. It is also the sign that rules the first house of a person’s chart. The birth time of the individual, and each house represents a basic field of activity. The meanings of the houses are modified when they are occupied by a planet. The rotation of the Earth causes the signs and the planets to pass through all twelve houses each day, one approximately every two hours.

Q. What does it mean when Astrologers say that a planet “rules” a sign?

Rulerships or dignities is rather a very inconsistent subject among Astrologers. What is meant by saying a planet “rules” a sign is that when positioned in that sign, a planet expresses its energy more naturally, with greater strength and expression. Another term for planetary dignity is saying that a planet is at “home” in a sign, and that pretty much describes it.

Q. What is the Indian or Vedic System of Astrology based on?

Niryana, or moon-sign system.

Q. What is the basic premise of Indian Astrology?

Indian astrology is the based on the tripod of
1. Sun signs
2. Moon signs (Rashi)
3. Rising Sign which is determined by the precise date, time & place (latitude & Longitude) of birth.

Q. Do people born on the same day have similar fortunes?

NO. Even twins do not have the same fortune. So is my personal experience.

Q. How do you work on personal predictions?

In addition to your zodiac sign, an astrologer studies several permutation and combinations of your individual nativity (horoscope) before giving personal prediction. Remember, no two astrologers may agree on one suggestion.

Q. I have more questions what shall I do?

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