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Social Media Free

Social Media Free

We promise you “100% Confidentiality and Privacy”.

The best policy for “marketing” is by the word of mouth.

VedicStore (the company) and (the website) has been serving the “One World Commune” for 46 years (off line) and 23 years (on-line) respectively.

We have the honor of serving more than 275,000 plus clients in 124 country by the word of mouth, this is the way we would like to serve you. 

Your privacy is priceless and very dear to us, keeping this in mind, we choose not be listed on any “social media” website.

You may have noticed, we do not have any advertisement or banner sharing on nor we ask you like or share us on any social media / website. 

Even when sharing any page on, we have email sharing than any other Social Media icons nor we count how many times the page has been referred / shared.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of everything that matter the most to you – be it – confidentiality, privacy, helping you to make informed decisions using Jyotish – Vedic astrology, helping you find your way in thick and thin using the magic of Vedic antiquity for your happy and prosperous – today and tomorrow and much more! For this purpose, we choose to be “Social Media Free” website.

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