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Making of a Talisman / Kavacha

Making of a Talisman / Kavaca

Here are some FAQ’s on Vedic Talismans / Yantras (a Sanskrit word), Kavaca (armor) or Tabeej (an Urdu word), in Trinidad & Tobago they call it Guard and Guide in Guyana. You will know what is the difference between Vedic Talismans, Amulets and Charms and more:

We will explain, how Vedic Talismans are made. How they are energized or consecrated/infused with Vedic Mantras, Suktams, Kavachams and the seven Ragas.

You will also know how many types of Vedic Talismans or Yantras are there?

Vedic Astrology – Jyotish teaches us how to create horoscopes and use the positions of celestial bodies to understand and interpret Human existence on Earth. Of course, to believe, or not believe in astrology is the prerogative of every thinking individual and just as in the case of other disciplines, in astrology too, there are those practitioners who are proficient in their area of expertise and those that need to hone their skills. Science and astrology are based on two diametrically opposite points of view.

Everyday, modern science makes new discoveries about the Cosmos, while the knowledge that gives us (Vedic) astrology is based on the ancient belief that, all that exists has already been discovered and that this knowledge is contained in the ancient scriptures. However, the correlation between astrological predictions and real life events is what makes the existence of astrology undeniable.

However, this knowledge is not limited to making astrological predictions alone, it also teaches us how to mould bad situations to our advantage and how to derive the most benefit from good situations. The ancient Hindu texts contain techniques for remedying unfavorable astrological conditions. Some of the better known methods are through the use of Gemstones, Sri Nav Ratna Jewelry, Yantras, Tantra and Mantras (chants).

Vedic Talismans or ‘Yantras’ are very powerful and effective remedial tools, although they aren’t perhaps as well known, outside Vedic circles, as the other mentioned techniques. ‘Vedic Talismans’ come from the ancient Hindu scriptures, the Vedas and Upanishads.

The literal meaning of Yantra is ‘Device’, but it is unlike any manmade device, as it’s working is in complete harmony with nature. It is believed that a Yantra possesses infinite power, that it’s results are miraculous and that it can not only remove problems, but also realize wishes.

> What makes up a Yantra?

Yantras are made up from Vedic symbols, comprising of straight lines, squares, rectangles, triangles and circles. These symbols are so precise in design, that even the angles employed are determined to the last degree. Some talismans may also comprise of numbers and letters of the ‘Dev Nagari’ script.

These symbols represent the five basic elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Air, Water and Ether. Each element is associated with certain properties. For example Earth denotes among other things stability, patience, material happiness and success. While Wind represents dishonor, sorrow and ignorance. These symbols are arranged so as to enhance one property and enervate the other.

Vedic talismans should not be confused with lucky charms, as both are conceptually different. Also, in most cases, the possessor of a Vedic talisman is not required to be in physical contact with the talisman itself, unlike many good luck charms. ‘Vedic Talismans’ can be created out of many different materials such as ‘Asht Dhatu’ or a special eight metal alloy, gold, silver, copper, crystals or even plant leaves. Certain materials are more suited to certain Yantras. However, any Vedic Talisman has an intrinsic energy which is always radiated, irrespective of size or material and these factors are not critical to it’s power. You will find that even a small Yantra, made of inexpensive material is a powerful source of positive energy.

A Yantra is only active when it has been consecrated or, ‘Energized’, then it becomes a Power Yantra. A consecrated, Power Yantra is considered to be the dwelling of the Gods and Deities it represents. In fact Yantra also means ‘Abode’. Once it has been energized, a Yantra becomes an independent source of spiritual energy that not only influences those who worship it, or wear it, but also the surroundings in which it is placed.

> How many types of Vedic Talismans or Yantras are there?

There are as many types of Vedic Talismans or Yantras as there are desires each having it’s own unique design and purpose. Some may have multiple effects, such as the Sri Yantra. This amulet is known to not only provide wealth and prosperity, but to also enhance mental concentration and harmony. Other talismans may have a more specific purpose such as neutralizing the effects negative thoughts, evil wishes or adverse astrological conditions. Vedic Talismans or Yantras can help you realize your ambitions and achieve success at work. They can help you resolve conflicts within your home life or help you overcome relationship problems.

At VedicStore we have many different types of genuine Vedic Talismans or Yantras, specially prepared and energized according to the ancient scriptures of the Vedas. All our talismans are handmade and energized by Vedic Priests with more than 40 Years of experience in this line. Our Vedic Priests take great care in ensuring that the correct mantras are chanted, clearly recited and correctly pronounced during the energizing ceremony. Through his exceptionally high levels of concentration, developed through years of practicing Yoga and meditation, he ensures that the Vedic Talismans or Yantras are awakened with positive, unselfish thoughts. Without this, the Yantras will not bear the desired results. Along with each Vedic Talismans or Yantra you will receive instructions on how it is to be used.

So there are many types of Vedic Talismans: one to keep in your home, to bury in the ground, to burn it in fire, to wear it on person (e.g. around the neck in pendant form), to keep in wallet, to tie on an animals or birds neck (e.g. pigeons neck and fly it), in fact there are many many types of Vedic Talismans or Yantras. VedicStore has a collection of more than 2,000 Vedic Talismans or Yantras.

> How does a Vedic Talisman or Yantra Work?

The sound by which all things are created isn’t just any sound, it is the Word of God, this word pervades through everything that exists. The power of the spoken word in the form of prayers, hymns and chants, is a belief that is common to all major religions and these sounds resonate in churches, mosques and temples throughout the world. In Hinduism, Mantras are a combination of sacred words, composed in Sanskrit.

According to the ancient texts, the chanting of Mantras can lead to spiritual enlightenment and oneness with God. The visual equivalent of a Mantra is a ‘Yantra’, it is in fact the graphical representation of a Mantra. It has been scientifically observed, that when sound waves of certain frequencies are directed at a Yantra, the reflected waves mirror the patterns inscribed on the Yantra surface. This principle of wave polarization is believed to also extend to other energy forms, such as light, heat, magnetic fields and spiritual energy.

Essentially, Yantras concentrate the various forms of positive energy that pervade through the Universe, when our ‘Inner Divinity’ is focused on a Vedic Talisman or Yantra, this energy is released upon us and into the surroundings, thereby causing the profound effects that are observed.

> How is a Yantra Energized or consecrated?

A Yantra is energized with the performing the complex, ancient consecration rituals set out in the Vedas. First an auspicious date is chosen, in accordance with the astrological positions. Then the exact time at which the ceremony has to be preformed on that selected date is calculated. At that precise time, in the presence of a ‘Sacred Fire’, the appropriate Mantras and prayers are recited and offerings made. This is done so as to invoke the Gods and Deities to invest their power and presence on the Yantra, igniting it with positive spiritual energy.

Vedic Talismans or Yantras find a prominent place in many Hindu religious practices, as well as religious places of worship.

At VedicStore we personalize your Vedic Talisman as per your Stars using Vedic Astrology – Jyotish and energize them with 125,000 Vedic Mantras, Suktams, Kavachams and the seven Ragas (classical Indian music).

> Can you explain the procedure how you make Vedic Talismans at VedicStore?

Most of our Vedic Talismans or Yantras are written on “Bhojpatra” bark of a special tree which is as thin as paper, but it is very brittle. Some are written on Onion skin paper.

Writing is done using a pen made of Jasmine or Nutmeg tree branch. The ink is made of eight herbs called Ashtagandha with 24 karat gold dust in Ganges water.

After writing or designing the Yantra, auspicious mantras and ragas (125,000 in all, see above for more details) are infused upon it. All mantras (chanting is done for the benefit of the wearer) are personalized to the person who will wear it.

The Bhojpatra or Onion skin paper is then folded many times to fit inside the metal casing, tied with a thread (with mantras chanting called Raksha Bandhan) and pushed inside the metal casing (see pictures below).

View Our Six Unique Casing Designs
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Dimension of Casing: 

Metal: Stainless Steel Alloy
Weight: 5 ~ 5.1 grams *
Size: 2 cm x 1.3 cm x 7 mm *
Loop: 6-8 mm *
Design: Holographic flame circle and religious symbol
Gem: White Sapphire ~ 2 mm round *
Waterproof: Sealed with bees wax
Choice: Choose from Six religious symbols
* All measurements are approximate.

User Instruction On Vedic Talismans and Kavacha

Vedic Talismans and Kavacha are to be worn around the neck over the heart region using a cord (of any color and material eg. cotton or silk); stainless steel or silver chain.

When wearing it for the first time or otherwise, you need not say any mantra, prayer not do any ritual. We have already done that for you. Just wear and enjoy the benefits.

The Casing is sealed using pure "Beeswax" to make it waterproof. Do not allow it to go in the laundry or dryer, the filling will spoil and you will have to buy again, hence protect your investment and enjoy it for many years!

Vedic Talisman and Kavacha, should be worn at all times, e.g. while bathing in the shower or beach; eating non-veggie meals, having sex, visiting a sick in the hospital or for child birth; attending a wake or funeral. There are NO restrictions whatsoever.

If you have to take off the talisman for some reason, you may do so, wear it back as soon as possible. Protect your investment / talisman as you would do with any of your jewelry items. If you have concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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After the folded Yantra is placed inside the casing, hot melted pure bee’s wax is poured inside the casing to protect the filling and make it water proof (the main Yantra).

Then a lid (on the side of the casing) is placed and a chemical sealant is used to stick the lid with the casing body, it is sealed forever. Then the casing is dipped in eight various perfumes called Attar. It is then offered to the Deity for blessing.

After offering the Yantra to the Deity the Yantra is placed in a purified jewelry box and packed secured for the receiver. Parcels are sent fully insured via US Post Office. Tracking info is sent by email for your kind attention.

Total processing time to write, design and consecrate mantras and closing of the casing and up to actual shipping of our Vedic Talismans varies from one Vedic Talisman to another. However, generally, the whole process can take up to from 36 to 84 hours (not non-stop of course).

In some Vedic Talismans, 23.5K Gold gilding (gold paper) is used to blanket the Yantra. For example the Ultimate Sri Radha Krishna Kavacham, click here for more info. In this Yantra extra special inks are also used which is made of sixteen herbs with 24K gold dust in Ganges water. Other process remains the same e.g. mantra infusion.

> Do Yantras really work?

Yes, but then you’d expect us to say that. But the fact of the matter is that for thousands of years, since the Vedic period, people who have acquired such talismans, have found that there have been positive changes in their lives. You can see what some people have told us at ‘experience with our Vedic Talismans’.

These Yantra are based on an ancient knowledge that encompasses not only the creation of these amulets, but many other areas, some of these are relatively more well known, such as Yoga and Ayurvedic, but they all follow the same principles.

> How long does it take for their effects to be felt?

Vedic talismans are always sending out positive energy, wherever they are placed. So once you acquire one it will immediately start to influence its surroundings.

> How should a Yantra be worshipped?

The basic method of maintaining and worshiping a Vedic Talisman is provided by us in the instructions we send with our Yantras. Nothing much is required and the instructions are essentially a list of ‘Dos and Don’ts’. More complex methods, as described in the Vedas can been preformed, but this does require a certain degree of knowledge of Vedic teachings and principles. We try our best that our clients do have to do anything more than what we have done already. Just experience the benefits of the Vedic Talismans.

> Do my religious beliefs make a difference?

Not at all. Vedic Talismans respond to the wearer, irrespective of their faith. Neither is one required to adopt new beliefs.

> What adverse effects can Yantras have?

None whatsoever. By concept and design, a Vedic Talisman can only deliver positive results and energy, never negative.

> Are Yantras a part of other cultures?

Yes, several other faiths and cultures including Buddhism and even Islam have their own amulets and talismans, very similar to Yantras. These are not known as Yantras, but they work the same purpose.

> Can a Yantra lose its power?

Only under exceptional circumstances, if maltreated. Otherwise once a Yantra has been activated, it will remain that way.

> Can Yantras be used with other types of talismans?

Yes they can, just as long as the characteristics of the other articles are consistent with those of Yantras and do not conflict with their general nature. That is to say that, objects related to satanical rites, black magic, derived from animals (except for animal skins for meditation), won’t be suitable.

> Why haven’t I heard about Vedic Talismans or Yantras before?

Essentially because this aspect of Vedic teachings hasn’t been propagated much outside of the traditional circles possessing this knowledge and has mainly been the preserve of scholars of the ancient scriptures. However, awareness about this part of Vedic teachings is rapidly expanding.

> Is there anything I can do to improve the effective-ness of my talisman?

Yes. Yantras must be supported by proactive behavior and work best if you concentrate your thoughts and energy on achieving your goals.

> If I have more questions what shall I do?

If you have any questions on the our Vedic Talismans or Yantras, or any thing else which we may not have covered here, please do not hesitate to email or call us. We at VedicStore will be more than happy to reply to your query.

We have hundreds of testimonies on our website. Please read them on our testimony page and the Guest Book (see menu on the left of this page).

We guarantee on the workmanship afforded in making your chosen talisman to be as per scriptural injunctions of Vedic scriptures.

With Sincere Prayers for your well being, prosperity, longevity and enlightenment,

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