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Sw Veet Chintan

Swami Veet Chintan

Swami Veet Chintan – Adviser – Astrologer – Acharya – Friend –  Inspirer – Philosopher

Swami Veet Chintan, Jyotish Acharya, Shastracharya and Vedic Astrologer, arrived in Trinidad, West Indies from India in 1989. 

He learnt Jyotish from various teachers, sadhus and saints from all over India and has more than four decade experience in Jyotish and various Vedic Sciences. 

Swami does face to face Jyotish (Vedic astrology) reading sessions with his clients. To help his clients to do better in life, Swami made handmade personalized Yantras (Vedic Talismans), Kavachas, prescribed Ayurvedic Gems  in the form of Sri Nav Ratna pendants and the world famous – Live like a King remedy – the Rahu Ring

Swami has performed more than 7,500 Vedic Yagnas (fire rituals) in the island of Trinidad and Tobago.

Upon demand from his students, Swami start giving Vedic Diksha (spiritual initiation). Today, he has thousands of disciples all over the world.

In the year 1990-91 Swami started his workshops on JyotishVedic Astrology, Vedic Yagnas (fire rituals).

He also taught Indian music instruments eg. tabla, harmonium, sitar, mridanga and tanpura along with classical music classes from his home in Munroe Road, Cunupia, Central Trinidad and Tobago. 

Swami is a great devotee of Devi Parvati and Lord Shiva. He wrote this article: How to win a boon from Lord Shiva based on his  personal experience. Since 1990 Swami has installed thousands of Shiva Lingams including one made of Parad (metal Mercury) given to him as a gift by Late Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali (aka Swami Nikhileshwaranand) of  Siddhashram Sadhak Parivar, Rajasthan, India. 

Over the past four decades plus, Swami performed more than 10,000 Vedic Yagnas (fire rituals) in the island of Trinidad and Tobago. He performed a mini Ashwamedha Yagna on the Jayanti (birth day) of Shirdi Saibaba and Satya Saibaba. The first yagna of it’s kind outside India.

On one occasion, Swami performed a communal Gayatri Yagna (Vedic fire ritual) with 108 kund, 432 devotees and 10,000 Gayatri mantra ahuties (offerings in the fire).

With prompt personal service, which is rarely found today, Swami Veet Chintan was able to build up worldwide clientele.

In the year 2003-2004, Swami Veet Chintan founded the Institute of Vedic Astrology of Trinidad and Tobago. More than seventy students enrolled for Jyotish – Vedic astrology course. 

Swami Veet Chintan adopted Dr B V Raman as his Guru in the World Jyotish. The Institute of Vedic Astrology of Trinidad and Tobago has adopted all the books by Late Mr Raman in various courses in Jyotish – Vedic astrology.

Being a Vedic Astrologer, Priest and Guru with thousands of clients all over the world, Swami tries his level best to help his clients (which he calls divine friends on the path to divine) in their problems to bring about peace, harmony and love in their lives.

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Swami continues to give us the valued spiritual support to spread the knowledge of Jyotish and various Vedic Sciences for the betterment of Humankind and for the future generations.

After 40 plus years as a working Spiritual Medium and Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer) Swami left the legacy of A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire to his students and friends.

Swami is truly a saint who gave up his work at A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire to be on the path of meditation to seek Divine Communion. A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire was a Karmic duty for Swami. It was a chapter in Swami’s life, now a duty and legacy for the Board Directors and Panels of Astrologers to keep up the flame of “Vedic Traditions” alive for the future generations to come.

Swami is truly the son of Trinidad and Tobago in establishing a torch of knowledge through his established Institute of Vedic Astrology of Trinidad and Tobago and A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. 

Swami’s work at A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire is now handled by the Board of Directors, click here for more info. 

We the Board of Directors and Panels of Astrologer cannot thank Swami enough for being the beacon of light for us and seeker of truth all over the World.