Navratna Catalog

Navratna Pendants Catalog 

During ancient times in India, Navaratna gems or jewelry made with them was predominantly worn by the kings and the emperors in the form of an amulet to bring auspiciousness.

The royal rulers in India revered gemstones as Hindu Gods and the Navaratna were implied to represent the universe.

The nine gems were considered so powerful that only the kings and emperors were given the privilege of wearing certain types of Navaratna jewelry due to their perceived potency.

For example, only the Maharaja and his intimate relations were permitted to wear royal turban ornaments.

The cosmic design of Sri Nav Ratna – King of Talismans place a ruby, representing in the center surrounded by the other 8 gems, diamond, starting vertically above the ruby then clockwise, for the others, pearl, red coral, Gomedh, blue sapphire, cat’s eye, yellow sapphire and emerald. 

Our each Sri Nav Ratna pendant contains nine gems described above. However, there are two different types of diamonds available, one is Cut (Red Color description – see below) and the other is Uncut (Blue Color description – see below). There is no difference in their vibration except the price is less, making these pendant affordable to some.

Description of Pendants

  • Metal: Sterling Silver : Nine Genuine Gems
  • Pendant Size: 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm approximately (without the loop)
  • Gems size: between 3 mm to 5 mm approximately
  • Authenticity Certificate extra charge

All pendants are infused with 125,000 Vedic Mantras. We have 21 Beautiful “Designs” of Sri Navratna Pendants in stock, both in – cut and uncut diamond.

Price: US$ 74.95 eachUn-Cut Diamond Pendant, FREE Shipping Worldwide

Price: US$ 99.95 eachCut Diamond Pendant, FREE Shipping Worldwide

Please Note: When you order this item, after check out, please complete the following form. Please mention the design number of the Nav Ratna (eg. Cut or Un-cut Diamond) pendant you are ordering.