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Past Life Vedic Astrology Report

Past Life Vedic Astrology Report

Everyone is curious to know, Who and what were they in their past life’? or ‘What was I in my past life?’.

With all these questions, past life regression therapy with hypnosis is in vogue. 

Past influences and experiences make us what we are now and today. We may encounter our past again and again, in things especially we did not learn or do things properly; so that we can further our growth and completely develop our creative potentials and evolve further.

Many people possess certain talent right from the birth and this can very well be explained through past life theory. Our past lives are alive and well in our sub-conscious. These experiences can lie beyond the grasp of our conscious mind’s awareness. It may be important to know that many different dimensions of ‘us’ live within us from several and numerous past incarnations. We carry many of our genes in our present, and in a continuous way.

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You have been through many masters and many lives, you do not remember.

We are composed of memories from numerous past lives. When the past is combined with our present reality in this life that does not only makes us complex beings but it can help us to understand many issues we are facing in life – in real time. 

Every planet’s placement in our horoscope shows some different type of traits from the past which are both positive and negative. But Past lives related talents, traits, mistakes and other things are more strongly signified by the 12th house (representing the past lives, karmic debts, self-undoing and unfinished business), Saturn (the Karmic planet) and Rahu & Ketu (the bridge between past lives and this present one). 

You will discover that many of your current experiences, relationships and behaviors are rooted in past existences. This past life astrology reading will give you great insights and will show you a new way to look at your life. This past life astrology reading will help you see how you are progressing in this lifetime and how you can resolve old issues, work through troublesome areas, develop your potential, and achieve greater wisdom this time around.

Contents of this Report 

  • Your Horoscope and Planetary Positions.
  • Past Life Prediction as per placement of your planets.
  • Past Life Prediction as per your 12th house, this house is known for self-undoing and unfinished business (from past life).
  • Past Life Prediction as per your Rahu and Ketu – A bridge between past lives and this present one.
  • Answers to your three questions on the topic of Past Life only.
  • Please do not ask questions about any other person than for whom this report is for eg. you.
  • Prediction is limited to ONE birth year only. 
  • We reserve the right to edit your questions.

Please note: This is not a computer generated report, our experienced Vedic Astrologers prepares it manually in MP3 audio and / or PDF format for easy download. Please allow us 5 to 7 working days to complete your order. 

Approx. 10 to 25 plus pages, variable per person.

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This is a sample of the Birth Chart / Janam Patri Book you get in PDF – this file is 2+ MBs in size (actual may be larger in size), please have patience downloading. This “report” is subject to change.

PriceUS$ 101.00 – per person. File in PDF format sent via email.

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