Special: The Aryama Kavaca

Special: The Aryama Kavaca

|| Pitru Devo Bhava | पितृ देवो भवा | Ancestors are God ||

  • Have you been told that you are suffering in life due to Pitru Dosha (anger, errors, short comings or curse of ancestors)?
  • Are you seeking blessing and protection from all your Pitru (ancestors)? 
  • You wish you had the blessings of your Pitru / Ancestors for a happy and prosperous today but do not know how to? 
  • You desire to exhaust all karmic duties to your Pitru / Ancestors and achieve the five fruits of life – Dhyana (meditation, inner peace), Dharma (righteous living), Kama (enjoyment of the senses, health), Artha (earthly and financial success) and Moksha (enlightenment, release from the bondage of life and death, exhaust all karmic dues)? 

If your answer is yes to all of the above, then  read on … 

We have the right “Pitru Kavaca” for you. The Aryama Kavaca 

A Very Unique and Ultimate Powerful Kavaca – The Aryama Kavaca gives the wearer the ultimate protection and blessings, including all his / her ancestors with the five fruits of life. In this Kavaca, the wearer and all his ancestors are kept in the palms of the Vedic deity Aryama –  chief of the Pitraloka (world of ancestors) or the Primordial Ancestor.  

All and any misfortunes cannot harm you and your surroundings. All the five fruits are the attendants to the wearer! 

This Kavaca is highly commended in the Vedic and post-Vedic shastras (scriptures) as one which is not even available to the Gods themselves. 

The scriptures even go saying that one who wears this Kavaca will live on earth like a Kuber (god of wealth).

The Aryama Kavaca is the ultimate Kavaca to receive boons from the primordial Pitru (ancestor) and the Chief of Pitruloka (world of ancestors) during one’s earthly visit! 

Get the Ultimate Five Fruits of Life Blessings on you and your ancestors today!

Called the Sri Aryama Kavaca.

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Dimension of Casing: 

Metal: Stainless Steel Alloy
Weight: 5 ~ 5.1 grams *
Size: 2 cm x 1.3 cm x 7 mm *
Loop: 6-8 mm *
Design: Holographic flame circle and religious symbol
Gem: White Sapphire ~ 2 mm round *
Waterproof: Sealed with bees wax
Choice: Choose from Six religious symbols
* All measurements are approximate. 

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