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Every Soul Chooses Its Own Time Of Conception

Every Soul Chooses Its Own Time Of Conception

Osho on Astrology
Every Soul Chooses Its Own Time Of Conception
Osho: Hidden Mysteries’, Ch 5, Part 3 of 6.

Osho says, “The actual birth takes place on the day when the foetus is conceived in the mother’s womb.” From ‘Hidden Mysteries’, Ch 5, Part 3 of 6.

At the time of birth, the condition of a child’s mind is exactly like a very sensitive photo plate…. Two or three things need to be thought about if we want to understand how life is affected. And only if life is affected can there be the possibility of astrology – not otherwise.

We should try to understand the phenomenon of twins. Two types of twins exist. One is identical twins – those who are born from one egg. The other type is those who, although they are twins, are born from separate eggs; in the mother’s womb two eggs become fertilized, and two children are born. The first type is more rare – two children from one egg. They are very significant subjects to study, because they are born at the same time. Out of necessity we call the children born from separate eggs, ‘twins’, but the moment of their birth is not exactly the same. It must be understood that birth is an ambiguous phenomenon. The first aspect of birth is conception – the actual birth takes place on the day when the foetus is conceived in the mother’s womb. This is actual birth. What you call birth is really birth number two – when the child comes out of the mother’s womb.

If we were to carry out a complete astrological investigation – as the Hindus alone have done, and done very thoroughly – then our actual concern would not begin when the child is born. Our actual concern begins when the child starts its journey in the mother’s womb, when the embryo takes shape – because that is the actual birth. So Hindus have also come to feel that if a particular type of child is to take birth, it will be born if intercourse and pregnancy occur under an arrangement of planets and constellation most suitable for that type. Now I will explain to you a little of the background of this, because much work has been done in this area and many things have become clear.

Ordinarily, when a child is born at six o’clock in the morning, we think that the constellation which exists at that time influences the child. My view is different, fundamentally different. Just because a child is born at six o’clock in the morning the stars don’t cast their influence over him. No. Rather, the child chooses to be born under those stars which will influence him as he wishes to be influenced. This is a radically different thing. When the child is taking birth, then it chooses the planets and stars and the moment at which it will take birth. And if we go still more deeply, then the child also chooses the time of its conception.

Every soul chooses its own time of conception – when it will accept a womb, at which moment. The moment of conception is not insignificant. It is significant in that it is a question of how the entire universe exists at that moment and to what sort of possibilities the universe opens the door at that moment.

When two children are conceived together from one egg, then the moment of their conception is the same and the moment of their birth is the same. It is interesting that the lives of the two children who have taken birth from one egg are so alike that it is difficult to say that the moment of birth has no influence. The I.Q. of twins born from one egg is just about equal. And the fractional difference which arises – those who know say that it is because of our faulty measuring devices. Even now we have not been able to develop adequate criteria by which we can quantitatively measure intelligence.

Even if twins born from the same egg are brought up far apart from each other, still their I.Q.’s do not differ. Even if one child is raised in India and another in China, and neither is aware of the existence of the other, this will still be true. Cases have occurred where such twins have been raised far apart from each other until they have attained maturity, but their I.Q.’s did not differ. It is surprising that the I.Q. can be associated with the child’s potential at birth.

When the twin who lives in China suffers from a cold, at that time its twin in India also suffers from a cold. Generally, twins born from one egg die in the same year. At the most, three years elapse between their deaths, and at the least, three days – but never more than three years. If one twin has died then we can assume that after three days or within three years, the other will die. Their attitudes, their behavior, their feelings, are parallel, and it seems that the two live in almost exactly the same way. Their similarity is seen in many other things also – each acts like a copy of the other.

Is the moment of birth so influential that their lifetimes are of about the same lengths, that their I.Q.’s are almost equal, that their bodily behavior is the same, that when the two fall ill it is from the same illness, and that when the two become well again it is from the same medicine? Can the moment of birth be so influential?

Astrology has been saying that the moment of birth is even more important than this. Up until now science has not agreed with astrology, but now it is beginning to do so. In coming to this increasing agreement, some new experiments have been helpful.

For example…. At the time when we launched an artificial satellite into space, we learnt that a network of infinite types of radiation continuously pour out from the universe and from the constellations, and are diffused throughout the earth. On the earth, nothing is unaffected by this phenomenon. We know that the ocean is influenced by the moon, but we have not taken into consideration the fact that the same relative proportion of water and salt that occurs in the ocean occurs also in the human body – the same proportion. Forty-five percent of the human body consists of water, and the proportion of salt contained in that water is the same as is contained in thousands of bays. If the water in the ocean is affected by the moon, then how could the water inside the human body remain unaffected?

Now, in this connection, two or three facts emerging from recent investigations must be kept in mind. For example, as the day of the full moon approaches, the amount of madness in the world increases. And on the last day of the darker fourteen days, the least number of people go mad. As the moon grows brighter the proportion of madmen also begins to increase. On the day of the full moon, the greatest number of people enter madhouses; and on the last day of the moon’s waning period, the greatest number of people are discharged from madhouses. Statistics are now available….

In English there is the word lunatic; in Hindi there is the word chaandmara. Chaand refers to the moon, just as lunar does in English. Chaandmara is a very ancient term, and the word lunatic also is some three thousand years old. Some three thousand years ago, the thought came to men that the moon does something to the insane. But if it does something to the insane, then how can it avoid affecting the sane?

In the final analysis, the construction of the brain and the internal composition of the body are the same for all. Yes, it may be that the moon affects madmen to a greater extent, and the sane to a lesser extent. This is simply a quantitative difference. But it is impossible that the sane remain completely unaffected by the moon. If that was true, then nobody could go mad – because everyone who goes mad was once sane. The moon must first do something to those who are sane.

Professor Brown made an interesting study. He was a man completely without faith in astrology. He was a disbeliever, and in his earlier writings he had very much ridiculed astrology. But despite his scepticism he began some investigation. He gathered together the kundali, the birth charts of many famous generals, doctors, and other professions. But then he found himself in great difficulty because he discovered that members of a certain profession were born under a special planet, under the same constellation. For instance, among all famous generals the influence of Mars upon their lives is very strong. In the lives of professors, the influence of Mars is completely absent.

The study which Brown carried out on some fifty thousand men who are generals, reveals that in the lives of these men the influence of Mars is very strong.

Generally, when such personalities take birth, the planet Mars is ascending. The moment of their birth is the moment that Mars begins to rise. Just the opposite to this, no matter how many professors there are in the world, they never take birth at the time of the planet Mars’ ascension. If it happened only occasionally, you could think it a coincidence – but there cannot be a hundred thousand cases of coincidence.

Mathematicians are born under a specific constellation; poets are never born under this same constellation. In an occasional case there can be a coincidence, but when it happens so often it cannot be a coincidence.

In fact, there is a great difference in behavior among people of different professions and occupations – for example, between poets, mathematicians, generals, and pacifists. On the one hand there can be a man like Bertrand Russell who says that there should be peace in the world, and on the other hand a man like Nietzsche who says that the day war ceases the world will cease to be meaningful. Between them is there only an intellectual dispute, or also a dispute of stars? Is there only an intellectual distance between them, or does the moment of their births also separate them?

The more research is done, the more it is being discovered that the talents of a man are revealed by the time of his birth. Those who know even a little bit about astrology say that this happens by his being born under a specific constellation. But I want to say to you that man chooses the constellation under which he is to be born. According to what he wants to be – whatever his innate possibilities, whatever the shape of his last life taken in its entirety, whatever his motivating consciousness – he will be born under the appropriate constellation. Every child, every new life, insists on a specific moment for birth before its entry. It wants to be born at a specific moment, only at this moment does it wish to be conceived. His desire and that moment are interdependent.

Osho, Hidden Mysteries, Ch 5 (translated from Hindi), Part 3 of 6