Vedic Diksha (Initiation)

Vedic Diksha (Initiation)

Diksha or Initiation is like that extra burst of energy which is required to propel you into the infinite space between you and the self. Swami Satyananda Saraswati

The Sanskrit word Diksha comes from the root diksh, which means ‘to dedicate oneself, and is actually derived from a combination of two roots, diks, which means ‘to consecrate’ or ‘dedicate’, and daks, which means ‘to grow’, ‘to become strong’ or ‘to expand’. It could therefore be said to mean ‘to expand (one’s consciousness) through a process of dedication (to discovering one’s own self)’. Diksha involves both giving and receiving – giving of one’s self, and receiving from the guru.

Diksha also means ‘to see’, and when one takes diksha one receives the power by which one can begin to ‘see’ the goal or path of inner life. It makes the spiritual path visible by casting internal light. We ‘see’ with the ‘inner eye’ due to the awakening and discovery of spiritual energy and the self. Diksha is directed towards that discovery. The more we can dedicate ourselves to the inner quest, the more we shall see.

The English equivalent for the word diksha is ‘initiation’, which is defined very comprehensively in the Oxford Dictionary as follows: “Begin, set going, originate, admit (a person), especially with rites or forms, (into office, secret, in mysteries, etc.).” In fact, diksha has a large spectrum of meaning and implication. It spans many levels of understanding, from the external, formal ceremony, which takes place on the gross level (and which is mainly symbolic of the inner process), to the infinitely more subtle dimension of transmission or shaktipath, which can be given by the guru to the shishya or disciple in many different ways, according to the spiritual advancement and thirst of the disciple.

Initiation, whether formal or subtle, has been used throughout the world in all great civilizations. In ancient Greece, for example, the word for diksha was musierion, which means ‘dedication and knowledge that cannot be divulged’. Thus diksha was an essential part of the ancient mystic societies, ‘The Mysteries’. In Latin, the word for diksha is sacramentum, which means ‘that which binds’. This binding is not related to any external obligation. Rather, diksha or initiation binds one to the search for a deeper understanding of one’s own inner self. It has therefore the same implications as the word ‘sacrament’, which is used in Christianity.

The word ‘diksha’ carries the same type of implication as the word ‘yoga’. Yoga is also a process of re-uniting or merging with one’s true being. Even if you do not wish to commit yourself to the spiritual path, diksha will still help you gradually in your ordinary day to day life in the same way that yoga does. It will also help to keep you balanced mentally and emotionally, and will give a centre and focus to your existence. Of course, it will provide a basis for your spiritual life later on if you decide to dive into your unknown self. Always remember that diksha is not restricted to the laws of time and space, but is an ongoing process which awakens the vast potential lying dormant within every aspirant and non-aspirant alike.

Vedic Diksha Samskara (Initiation) in itself is not a tiring or hours long procedure. It is just akin to a person taking out a sparkling diamond from his pocket and giving it to another. Of course one must possess such a diamond and a true Guru does! In a trice everything changes, the person who was poor now becomes wealthy! And, how much time did it take? Two seconds, three second, five seconds.

Initiation is quite similar. In it a Guru through his divine powers activates that particular point, which is situated at the Third Eye, which is actually related with the personal desires of the person. He touches the point with his thumb, looks at the disciple straight into his eyes and then pours down the energy of his Tapa through them, into his body. And as soon as it happens the disciple’s aura gets ruminated, he becomes replete with the glow of wisdom, he becomes a unique personality. Only a single moment and it changes the whole world of the disciple!

Initiation is the song and bliss of life, the key to success, the greatest fortune of human life and the famous spiritual quotation “Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purnadmuchyate” is its actualization. Hence special care should be taken that Initiation is received only from a genuine Master and a Swami (the one who knows the path).

If the Master or Swami is genuine, a person gets blessed through such Initiation. But those who remain fearful, filled with doubts and uninitiated, remain unfortunate life long.

Vedic Diksha (Initiation) is not like a magic wand that will help you realize your desires within a blink an eye, it is, in fact, more of a blessing which helps strengthen your path to attain your wishes in Dhyana, Dharma, Kama, Artha and Moksha.

In reality it is only by good fate that a person is able to get Diksha, and he/she are initiated into a process of coming close to his Guru by obeying His instructions.

One should become the disciple of such Guru and get various Dikshas from Him so that the completeness of the soul and the life can be attained, which are the actual manifestations of the process of getting Diksha.

There are 108 Dikshas mentioned in the Vedic scriptures, some most desired ones (64 most popular ones) are mentioned below and are available from VedicStore.com: A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire, for only US$ 549.00 per person per Diksha.

An Initiation Ceremony comprises of secret mantras being invoked along with a Yagna with the name of the Devotee/Disciple. This ceremony can be done with or without the disciple present and the a Guru Mantra is given to the Disciple to be in the path of desired Diksha.

If the Vedic Diksha is done live, then the Disciple is given the Mantra, Mala (rosary) in person. If the Vedic Diksha is done in absent of the Disciple then the Mantra and Mala is sent via mail.

Details required for a Diksha: full name, date, time (if known), city of birth and a recent photograph is required.

The Number #1 (below) choice of Diksha is a must for everyone, the basic initiation ceremony, followed by any choice thereafter.

The price of each Diksha is US$ 549.00.

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