Ultimate Vedic Yantra, Divine Protection

Ultimate Vedic Yantra, Divine Protection

This Yantra (Mystical Diagram). is explained In the Brihat Tantra Sara, a large compilation of tantrik rites, here Sri Krishna appears as a fully-flowered tantrika devata (deity), with his own yantra, gayatri, mantra and puja or ritual.

It is considered to inspire the wearer to achieve revelation, enlightenment and unity with the highest Being.

Arranged on a diagram of lotus flower it introduces peace which brings power and makes every action successful. Symbol of the Absolute, the union of all wisdom.

Other uses are to ward off illnesses; it heals the ten major organs of the human body; responsible for sound condition of the whole body.

The structure of this Yantra is intended to marshal divine powers to stop new diseases from entering the body and to eliminate the existing ones.

Also inspires the wearer to follow the wheel of life; follow the wheel of duty to race and kin, to friend and foe, and to close the mind to pleasures as to pain. Exhaust the law of Karmic retribution.

Enhances the Chakras and the Kundalini to improve one’s relationship with the Cosmos at large.

The scriptures recommend the wearer to be on “The Heart Hand of Krishna”, symbol of activity, power and a person’s fate kept in God’s palm.

Also regarded as a armor that moves one’s fate to deal a “lucky hand”, provides only true and affectionate friends, the ability to make right choices.

The most highly recommended Yantra in this era of Kali Yuga.

Sing with joy the unending glories of the sweet Lord Krishna, the golden Gaurasundar, the One and Only Divine Abode of Pure Love.

Talisman is made with 23.5 carat gold paper (gilding) and sixteen very auspicious inks.

Called The Sri Sudarshan Chakra Yantra (Mystical Diagram).

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Dimension of Casing: 

Metal: Stainless Steel Alloy
Weight: 5 ~ 5.1 grams *
Size: 2 cm x 1.3 cm x 7 mm *
Loop: 6-8 mm *
Design: Holographic flame circle and religious symbol
Gem: White Sapphire ~ 2 mm round *
Waterproof: Sealed with bees wax
Choice: Choose from Six religious symbols 
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