Talisman To Stop Taking Drugs

Talisman To Stop Taking Drugs

Want to kick the habit of drugs or smoking ?

If you have the habit of taking any drugs, LSD, Marijuana, Liquor, Smoking cigarettes etc., this talisman will help you to stop taking those harmful drugs.

This talisman will put you on the Path of Self-Realization, Devotion and Meditation.

Called the Sri Mukti Siddhi Yantra (Mystical Diagram).

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Dimension of Casing: 

Metal: Stainless Steel Alloy
Weight: 5 ~ 5.1 grams *
Size: 2 cm x 1.3 cm x 7 mm *
Loop: 6-8 mm *
Design: Holographic flame circle and religious symbol
Gem: White Sapphire ~ 2 mm round *
Waterproof: Sealed with bees wax
Choice: Choose from Six religious symbols
* All measurements are approximate. 

Please Note: When you order this item, after check out, please complete the following form. Don’t forget to mention your choice of casing from the six designs. Kindly note, we do not have any “default” casing design.