Sri Navratna

Navratna Pendant

Vedic Astrological gems are worn for the unexplained problems and misfortune which one faces for which no possible remedies can still be recommended by an modern therapy.

These problems can be condensed as follows:

* Unexpected obstacles and delay in business and career.
* Obstacles in education and the feeling that a hidden power is pulling back.
* Obstacles in marriage due to unknown reasons.
* Unexplained family problems.
* Always feel tension and fear for everything.
* Feel uneasy and gloomy and feeling depressed.
* Difficulty to concentrate.
* Difficulty in making right decisions.
* Feeling lots of negativity in life.
* Getting emotionally unbalanced.
* Inferiority complex and feeling a nervous wreck.
* Always feeling insecure.
* Difficulty in expressing your ideas to others.

Sri Nav Ratna – The Nine Ayurvedic Astrological gems, are a uniquely powerful way to mitigate and nullify the unpleasant effects of past wrong actions (negative karma), Negative Planets (Graha) and can potently benefit a person’s psychological tendencies, physical health, business affairs and relationships, while helping to minimize the impact of a wide range of negative conditions and situations.

They also enhance the Seven Chakras and the Kundalini! Excellent Gem Therapy Tool. Infused with the Seven Ragas known as therapeutic music for the human body, mind and spirit; various Secret & Sacred Suktams from the Rig Veda along with other prescribed Vedic Mantras. All Vedic Rituals performed at Vijay Kala (auspicious time) as per Jyotish – Vedic Astrology.

All pendants infused with 125,000 Vedic Mantras!

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