Kavacha: Magical Armor

Kavacha: Magical Armor

Each Vedic deity has her or his own kavacha or armor, which protects the devotees from the many dangers which may afflict a human being in various ways – health, wealth, prosperity, well being, wellness, enlightenment or the awaking of the Kundalini.

Kavachas / Armor are either recited in a ritual context, or written down on auspicious matter eg. birch bark or other substances and worn on the body in a metal (gold, silver, steel, iron or eight metals alloy called “ashta dhatu” to give protection.

Wearing the “Kavacha” the devotee attains the five Purusharthas (the five objectives of human life) or the five fruits of life namely – Dhyana(meditation); Dharma (righteous living or duty);  Artha  (financial prosperity and wellness); Kama (fulfillment of desires or sensory enjoyments) and Moksha (liberation, enlightenment, salvation).

At VedicStore.com we make unique handmade (not bulk factory or machine produced) personalized Kavachas to enhance your Intelligence, Prosperity, Vigor & Wellness and much more.

These time tested Vedic Wisdom of the Ancient Seers of India are available to Protect, Guide and Enlighten you.

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The authentic ancient Vedic science of Tantra, Mantra and Yantra offers help to modify and alter karmic bondage. Thus enabling you to fulfill your destiny by removing obstacles and enhancing your health, wealth and prosperity… here and now… for your prosperous today and tomorrow.

All Yantras, Kavacha are 100% Handmade on Bhoj-patra or Onion Skin paper, enclosed in Stainless Steel Alloy, sealed with bees wax to make it waterproof … you are not required to say any mantra nor do any ritual to wear them.

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