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How to measure?

What’s my ring size?

This is perhaps the most commonly asked question while shopping for rings online. We have this video for you: 

Also, you may print the ring sizer above, be sure that your printer is set to 100%. In other words, make sure that you have not reduced the print size in ‘Page Setup’. You can verify that the sizer has printed correctly by measuring it with a ruler; it should measure from left to right: 3 3/8 inches.


Ring Sizer
Ring Sizer


Once you have printed the sizer, you need to cut it out and then use the following directions to find your ring size:

1. Wrap a piece of loose string around your finger. Be sure to allow for the size of your knuckle.
2. With a pen, mark the point on the string where the end meets.
3. Using the chart, place the end of the string on the left hand line next to the letter “A” and stretch the string along the sizer toward the numbers.
4. The pen mark on your string should line up with a number to indicate your ring size.

Here’s a chart of ring sizes to help our international customers figure out how to measure ring sizes.

International Ring Size Chart
International Ring Size Chart