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Ask Three Questions Via Apps

Ask Three Questions Via Apps

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Got three burning questions? We’ve got the answer!

Get answer to your burning questions, make informed decision, today!

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Via AppsAsk Five Questions Via Apps Live Sessionclick for more info
PhoneAsk Five Questions via Phone Live Sessionclick for more info

This is not a computer generated report for quick download. Our experienced team of astrologers will analyze your birth chart to help you make that informed decision.

Answers will be between 150 to 200+ words in English language only.

Information required from you

  • Your personal data: name, date, time and city of birth. 
  • Your THREE questions.

Contents of this Report 

  • Your Horoscope / Janam Patri.
  • Answer to your THREE questions.
  • In PDF format

Report delivery and payment options:

  • Report will be sent Via Apps or email.
  • Please allow between 3 to 5 working days (Monday to Friday), except some local and international holidays to complete your order. 

Price: US$ 60.00 per person / THREE questions. File in PDF format sent Via Apps.

This is a per person package. Limitation on interpretation: One birth year.

Please Note: When you order this item, after check out, please complete the following form: